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In addition to the paid templates, here we have a few FREE templates available for you to download! These are simple pieces and designs with limited instructions that you can easily download and use for your own work. All we ask is that you mention where you got the template from in your posts!

Take a look at your options here and click to download them. There is a "letter" size and an "A4" size. Usually Letter applies to the US and A4 to the rest of the world, but please check your printer and paper size for the correct compatibility.

Once downloaded, open the file in your choice of PDF viewer and select print! You want to print these to size so do not scale them at all, as they're already made to fit your printer pages. If you wish to scale for smaller/larger template options, make sure you scale all pieces or pages by the same amount to ensure they all fit together correctly.

Each template will have its own unique instructions, so please make sure you check these out before printing just in case there is something important you need to know first.

As always, take care when using these templates and follow basic safety practices. Common sense is super important - don't underestimate it! We accept no responsibility for any error or injury made when using these templates or the final products.


simplified paws

This FREE template is for a pair of simplified 4-finger paws. The template is split into short and long fur sections, but you can combine these if you want!

free paw template
free paw template

Basic Balaclava

This FREE template will allow you to make a basic balaclava, with eye holes for wear under a suit, or without eye holes if you are going to use it as a liner and building base, and cut them out according to the base. I use this without eye holes for all of my head base work.

free balaclava template
free balaclava template
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