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Please see our terms and conditions before applying for any work

basic information

Please be aware we are no longer taking commission through a quote application form.

Due to high demand, custom projects will only be available through auctions.

How does this process work?

Notice will be given, minimum 1 week in advance of the opening time. During this period, applicants will be able to contact us via email to gain an estimate of additional costs for the project. This is because the auction will be for a basic cost fullsuit slot, and any additional complexities/colours/markings/features etc will incur additional fees.

This process will be much faster than our current quote/application system as one costume will be completed at any given time (as a commission piece) with ready-to-wear artist designed partials available periodically regardless of custom slot status.

Why are we changing the commission process?

The short answer is that demand is so high, and it's been incredibly tough on our mental and physical health to maintain. It's very difficult working to customer specifications whilst trying to provide a high quality, one of a kind piece that is up to our standards.

We also think our best work is artist designed and artistic liberty projects, as we can really get stuck into the things we do best and enjoy most. This allows us to spend more time working on these, and sell them for discounted costs versus the higher prices that will potentially come as a result of fast turnaround custom projects. These projects will have optional extras available such as fullsuit upgrades, outside of the regular commission process.

Finally, providing templates and tutorials has always been a very important part of this craft here at Kloofsuits, as we love being able to provide resources to help others get into fursuit making themselves. Resources were very limited back in 2009 when we started doing this, and we want to make it easier for the newer generations of fursuit builders to learn the craft! This commission process allows us to spend more time focusing on all of these resources and projects that have been 'on the cards' for years now.

Project defaults and additional costs

The biggest additional cost for any project is the complexity of the character design. This can range anywhere from an additional £100 for basic markings or additional colours, to £500+ for a large amount of colours or furs and complex markings. 

fursuit head

  • Following Eyes - Resin cast with hand painted iris

  • Hand carved foam head base, made to measure

  • Fleece lined mouth

  • Fleece or Minky inner ears, tongue and nose. Up to 4 teeth

  • High quality faux fur fabric. Selected with client input and approval where possible

  • Fully lycra lined head

  • Static jaw, slightly open, with hollow muzzle for good ventilation

  • Markings a mixture of sewn and airbrushed depending on application. Please enquire about specific requests.



Hand paws

  • Handpaws with 4-finger or 5-finger design

  • Soft fabric pawpads - minky or fleece

  • No lining - only available upon request and additional cost.

  • No Claws


Image coming son
  • Tail up to 25” from base to tip, with shaping

  • Nylon belt loops unless requested to be attached to bodysuit

  • Foam base for extra rigidity and bounce

  • Stuffed with Polyfil

Optional Extras:​

  • Larger style, up to 40” (+£40)

  • Floor Dragger (+£80)

  • 'Nub' tail (-£30)


  • 4-toed feetpaws (toony) with rubber sole

  • Fitted with Crocs for comfort and lightweight result.

  • Stuffed, plush toes

  • Neoprene lined, cuffed edge with branded label in right foot

  • No Claws by default (Added for +£30)


  • Front Zipper

  • Cuffed neck with branded label

  • Tail attached to the bodysuit OR with belt holes and tail cover for option to wear as a partial

  • No Body Padding

  • Basic airbrushing as necessary

  • Fur length options for more dynamic appearance

  • Unlined

  • Double stitched (straight and zig-zag)

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