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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please consult this FAQ before messaging me directly. If you have any suggestions for topics not covered, please let me know!

Are you open for Commissions?

Commissions are closed unless otherwise clearly stated.  When this happens, the homepage will show as well as the commissions tab, and I will make this clear across my various social media. Please do not contact about quotes or commissions unless they are open.


Do you accept payment plans?

I am willing to accept payment plans on most items, though these must be arranged in advance of purchasing the product. If you make a purchase and are unable to pay at the time, without any pre-arranged plan, the transaction will be cancelled. These must be no longer than three months and must begin with a payment of £30% of the final cost as a non-refundable deposit.


Can you make me a copyrighted character?

Absolutely not. I will not make any character who is protected under copyright, or re-create a pre-existing design, unless you are the rightful owner of said design.


How do I make…?

I have a range of tutorials on my YouTube channel that I’m frequently trying to add to. Please have a look at these before asking me specific questions. If something isn’t covered in the tutorials, I’m open to suggestions of new video subjects, though please do understand I have very limited spare time to work on these.


Where do you get your fur/foam?

Please consult for an extensive list of validated suppliers across the world. This list is used by professionals and beginners alike, and is the most valuable tool for tracking down materials.

Which airbrush paints do you use?

I currently use createx brand airbrush paints when I airbrush, and artist grade acrylics for all hand painted work.

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