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Adopt a Fursuit

Please see our terms and conditions before applying for any adoptions

Sometimes, we will have fursuit partials available for adoption - often completed but please see each listing. Here you can find all information on these adoptables including who and what they are, what is included in the sale and the price, as well as specific details such as sizing. At the bottom of the page, you may find some designs ready-made for adoption, without any fursuit progress currently made. You can purchase these designs as-is, or as partial fursuits. Upgrades are not available unless stated otherwise.

If you are interested in adopting any of our available characters, please send us an email at with your enquiry, and we will try to get back to you within two working days. Please be aware we are based in the UK and operate off GMT time. If multiple enquiries are made on the same adoptable, we will address the first and work our way down the list.

All adoptable fursuits are shipped out from the UK, pricing is in GBP and terms and conditions apply - please see this page for details.

Payment is preferred by Bank transfer or Square, with Paypal only available in some circumstances. International buyers will need to discuss payment options. Payment in full is preferred, though 3 month payment plans (with a 30% deposit) is available in some circumstances - please email for details.

 - pastel dog


Fursuit partial

Foam carved

Removable magnetic hair in one colour

Following eyes

4 finger handpaws

Tail with belt loop attachment

Fullsuit upgrades are not available at this time

Tail and handpaw design can be planned with the buyer.

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