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Hello and Welcome to our first ever Custom Fullsuit Auction!

START - Friday November 12th 2021 7pm GMT

END - Friday November 19th 2021 7pm GMT

Our Terms and Conditions are valid for this auction unless otherwise stated on this page. Please be sure to read these as you will need to accept them before making any payment towards the commission.

This Auction does not affect current work that is outstanding - the projected timeline for starting this project allows for a sufficient amount of time for us to complete outstanding work. The start time is not guaranteed, for this reason. Current client work is the full priority, though we wanted to give the auction winner a chance to pay off a payment plan in advance of the beginning of the project, and time to complete the fur selection process in advance.


This project will be due to start in February 2022 as our first public custom fullsuit slot in many years. Upon completion of our current queue (which we are nearing the end of, with just three bodysuits and a couple small parts left) but will be subject to the condition that the queue is completed. This allows correspondence time with the client for arranging fur selection and review of costume specifics, but also a three month payment plan. Then, when the time comes, we can dive into the creation of your custom costume with no distractions or other projects during the main work week. We will not be accepting any deadlines at this time. Predicted work time on the costume is around two months.


You must email with your proposed design reference artwork before end of day November 18th to ensure it can be approved before the end of the auction. This also allows us to discuss any potential additional costs that may be incurred due to features such as wings, extreme spots, XL tail, full body padding. This is not an extensive list, but we can discuss any of this in our correspondence. We also accept artistic liberty costumes, and reserve the right to refuse any design for any reason. If you win the auction without having an accepted reference, you may be forced to withdraw from the slot. We will also gladly work with the client on artistic liberty options. Protogens, Dutch Angel Dragons, Sergals and Manokits are not available at this time and will be rejected.


The client will have a lot of choice when it comes to the features of the costume, as it is a fully custom slot. However, we will not do realistic or ultra-toony work at this time. Our recent fullsuits can give an indication to the level or detail and style of the costume you will receive. However, there are a lot of decisions that can be influenced heavily by you such as:

Carved foam head with Static Jaw or new 3D printed head with moving jaw (custom made by us)

Plantigrade or Digitigrade bodysuit, with either slim or toony options

Indoor feet with pawpads or outdoor feet with rubber soles

4-finger or 5-finger pawpads



All payment is made in GBP via Bank Transfer (preferred) or Square invoicing.

Shipping is not included in the final price, as this will be calculated upon completion given the weight and dimensions of the shipping box, and the destination

We ship with full insurance and will mark the full value on the customs form. For international buyers, this will likely incur additional costs which would be 30% of the total value. This is out of our control and is something the buyer must be responsible for paying upon delivery.

Payment plans can be made, up to a maximum of three months. This includes 30% non refundable deposit to be paid within 72 hours of auction completion, unless otherwise agreed upon before placing a bid. The remaining payments can be split into three, which would be due by the end of December, January and February. Final shipping costs will be due upon completion.


If you have any other questions about the auction, please email us at or message on Telegram @Kloofsuits - If you want to approve a design, contact via email only.

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