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When commissions are open, the application form will go live here.

Please only fill out a quote form if you are serious about commissioning a project at this current time. The base prices below will give an estimate, and your quote will expire before the next opening.

The commission form must be filled out in its entirety and sent off before the deadline which will be specified on the form and at the top of this page.

Once received and processed, successful applicants will be contacted with a quote which will exclude shipping, and you will need to respond within 48 hours to confirm if you would like to proceed. 

Please note: We will not be contacting unsuccessful applicants due to high demand.

The commission slot is only guaranteed when the invoice has been sent. Failure too pay a deposit by the specified time will result in forfeiture of the commission slot and we may move on to someone else on the wait list. This will reduce your chance of ever being selected again in the future due to failure to adhere to deadlines and proving to be unreliable.

You will receive full contact throughout the duration of your project, to ensure you are happy with each stage. Please do not post any progress images without our consent.

We currently only accept partial costumes, partials with feet or fullsuits for new projects, unless we have confirmed otherwise in advance.

These prices are the BASE cost for a simple character design with two fur colours in the design. Additional colours/markings will incur an additional charge to account for the additional materials and labour hours. Your costume will not cost less than these prices, but it may cost more.

PARTIAL COSTUMES - £1120 base price

Head, handpaws, tail

Add £50 for arm sleeves

Add £250 for feet paws (outdoor rubber sole)

FULL COSTUMES - £2070 base price

Head, Handpaws, Tail, Feetpaws, Bodysuit - a duct tape dummy will be required, no exceptions


basic information

Price calculator

This calculator offers a very rough price guide for your project.
Please select all the boxes that apply.

All prices are in GBP (£) and are very rough estimates to allow a guide for how much to save up. For a full price quote, please apply when we are open for new projects. Please only apply for a quote if you are serious about purchasing during that opening.

Project defaults and additional costs

The biggest additional cost for any project is the complexity of the character design. This can range anywhere from an additional £100 for basic markings or additional colours, to £500+ for a large amount of colours or furs and complex markings. The only way to know the true cost of your project is to apply for a commission to gain a quote - this is only valid for three months.

fursuit head

  • Following Eyes - Resin cast with hand painted iris

  • Hand carved foam head base, made to measure

  • Fleece lined mouth

  • Fleece or Minky inner ears, tongue and nose. Up to 4 teeth

  • High quality faux fur fabric. Selected with client input and approval where possible

  • Fully lycra lined head

  • Static jaw, slightly open, with hollow muzzle for good ventilation

  • Markings a mixture of sewn and airbrushed depending on application. Please enquire about specific requests.

Removabe Eyelids (+50)
Simple Hair (+100)
Complex Hair (+200)
NFT hair (+60)
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Hand paws

  • Handpaws with 4-finger ‘puffy’ or 5-finger anthro design

  • Soft fabric pawpads - minky or fleece

  • Fully lined with Polycotton and cuffed with branded label in the right paw

  • No Claws

Anthro Option
Anthro Option
Add claws (+£30)
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  • Tail up to 25” from base to tip, with shaping

  • Nylon belt loops unless requested to be attached to bodysuit

  • Foam base for extra rigidity and bounce

  • Stuffed with Polyfil

Optional Extras:​

  • Larger style, up to 40” (+£40)

  • Floor Dragger (+£80)

  • 'Nub' tail (-£30)


  • 4-toed feetpaws (toony) with rubber sole

  • No shoes fitted unless requested - feet fully made to measure

  • Stuffed, plush toes

  • Neoprene lined, cuffed edge with branded label in right foot

  • No Claws by default (Added for +£30)

Add claws (+£30)
Indoor bottoms (+50)
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  • Front Zipper

  • Cuffed neck with branded label

  • Tail attached to the bodysuit OR with belt holes and tail cover for option to wear as a partial

  • No Body Padding

  • Basic airbrushing as necessary

  • Fur length options for more dynamic appearance

  • Unlined

  • Double stitched (straight and zig-zag)

Digitigrade padding slim (+£400)
Digitigrade padding toony (+£400)
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Digitigrade padding slim (+£400)